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Trophy Fish and Where to Catch Them

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Trophy Fish and Where to Catch Them

Did you ever want to know where is the best location to catch the trophy fish of your dreams? Here is our list of the top 10 locations across the United States for you to catch the most amazing fish! #HappyFishing

Largemouth Bass-Castaic Lake, California- Castaic Lake wins out for largemouth bass fishing areas just because of the sheer size of largies that have been caught in this location. No other lake can boast the amount of 20-pound+ fish that have been recorded like in Castaic. Catching a bass that large is a rare feat, but anything in the 12-15 pound range is not.

Tarpon-Boca Grande, Florida- Tarpon are one of the most exciting game fish out there, and nowhere can you catch as many big species as you can at Boca Grande, Florida. They can reach weights over 230 pounds, and you’’ll feel every ounce of that. Boca Grande embraces its tarpon fishing tradition.

Sheefish-Selawik Valley, Alaska-The Tarpon of the North, these similar looking species grow to weights of 60 pounds in northwest Alaska. Getting to the big sheefish of the Selawik Valley requires you to fly in to this location. These gorgeous fish can be caught almost all year-round, though summer offers the best results. The coldwater fish can be taken with spoons or even with a fly when they come to the surface.

Red Drum-Pamlico Sound, North Carolina- Catching red drums in the 30-60 pound range is pretty common, and there's also a chance to catch a channel bass over 80 pounds. Be aware that red drums are primarily a catch-and-release type of fish across the North Carolina coast due to strict regulations.

Muskie-Lake St. Clair, Michigan- Nestled in between Lake Erie and Lake Huron along the Michigan-Ontario border, Lake St. Clair boasts a tremendous fishery for many species in addition to muskie, despite having an average depth of only 11 feet. With all the species available, muskies get overlooked.

Mako Shark-Massachusetts Bay- Some of the best shark fishing in North America comes straight out of Boston. Massachusetts Bay contains several species of quality shark to catch, but mako is the prime target here. Catching a mako shark over 1000 pounds is super possible in the Massachusetts Bay. But be careful when fishing for makos, however, as they have been known to turn and attack anglers. 

Walleye-Lake of the Woods, Minnesota- Another lake that borders with Canada, Lake of the Woods sits on the very northern tip of Minnesota. Trophy walleye is commonplace on this lake However, if you’re looking for the ultimate Lake of the Woods experience, the best time to go is during the winter time. When the ice sets in, the most comfortable ice shanties you could find are sprinkled along the shoreline, and there are dozens of quality resorts to stay in as well.

Golden Rainbow Trout-Mahoning Creek, Pennsylvania- For anglers who enjoy river and fly fishing, there are few targets as elusive and colorful as the golden rainbow trout, found exclusively in a select few locations in the eastern United States. The best water system for golden rainbows is Mahoning Creek, Pennsylvania, where the biggest ones can be found. These golden rainbow trout can grow to weigh over 13 pounds. 

Striped Bass-Chesapeake Bay, Maryland- Chesapeake Bay is as good a fishery as you can find in the United States, especially for its striped bass. Spring and late summer-early fall are the best seasons for fishing as that's when fish move through the area.

White Sturgeon-Sacramento River- The biggest freshwater fish in all of North America can be found along the Sacramento River and into the San Francisco Bay Area. It is known to reach weights over 1500 pounds and lengths of over 20 feet. White sturgeon are governed under strict guidelines in California, so be sure to follow all regulations when tackling a monster fish this size and magnitude.

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