There's something happening out there. It's happening in the cities, the suburbs, and way out of town. It's individuals coming together; it's friends and families reconnecting. And all of them are headed to the same place: Out on the water.

 Looks like we've got a movement on our hands, people.

 Who's part of the movement? We're not weekend warriors, we're all the time paddlers who happen to have jobs and families and groceries to buy. We're explorers, fishermen, travellers -- we're everyone and anyone who thinks about the water whenever stuck on land. If you'd rather post a snap of your new tandem yak then of the squad smiling at the bar, you're in the movement. If you'd rather wake up early to paddle than stay up late to party, same deal. Or better yet, do both -- you can always take an afternoon nap. And while maybe Brooklyn Kayak Company didn't start this movement away from the everyday and out off the shore, we're glad we were in the right place at the right time when more people started reaching for the paddles.

 And when not coming together out on the water, the Brooklyn Kayak people are joining together on the web. Whatever you do, Insta, Tweet, or YouTube it, we're just glad you're sharing the love.

 And whatever you're fishing for out there, from adventure to tranquility to striped bass, we've just got two more words for ya: Happy fishing!