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When most people think of New York, it's Central Park, Times Square, and the bustle of a million feet moving down this or that famous street. For us, it's the striped bass fishery of Jamaica Bay. It's the sunrise over Rockaway Park seen from calm morning waters. It's paddling on the Hudson or around Sandy Hook. The founders of Brooklyn Kayak Company grew up on the waters of New York, fishing, exploring, enjoying. And if there's one thing we know for sure -- one thing that's as true in New York as it is anywhere around the world -- it's that life is better out on the water.

But when we started looking around for the best possible kayaks to use when enjoying life on the water, we were left wanting. Wanting a kayak that came with features like a rod holder and paddle park standard, not as an aftermarket accessory. Wanting a kayak that was sturdy enough for tandem use but steady enough for solo paddlers. Wanting a kayak that was rugged enough to last for years but priced to fit an everyday budget. There were no such kayaks around, so we took the American approach: we started building them ourselves.

BKC kayaks are designed with the end user in mind. These are the ideal personal watercraft for the fisherman, the outdoorsman, the family set on aquatic adventure. From built-in waterproof storage compartments to paddles and seats included with every purchase, we tried to think of everything we would want in a kayak ourselves and then build it into the craft we offer you. And without adding extra costs, either -- we never planned to make a fortune making kayaks, we just want to help create rich memories.

To put it simply, if some other brand was making kayaks this good at prices these fair, we never would have opened shop. But nobody was. So we did. Drop us a line to talk about kayaks, fishing, paddling techniques, or the best spot near NYC to catch bluefish or stripers; Were always glad to talk product or swap stories. And when you're ready for a new kayak, consider one inspired by and designed here in Brooklyn, NY and ready for adventure anywhere on earth.

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My husband and I are SO excited! It was worth the wait. This was our Christmas present to each other. It arrived and is in beautiful condition. Great job shipping! We have a river down the road from us so we are going to walk it (got wheels) down the street to enjoy our river. We both are new to fishing so this is a whole new adventure for us! We normally rent kayaks and go explore but we wanted to step up our game. GREAT customer service, quick responses to questions and most importantly... this KAYAK rocks!

Lauren K. Young

This is my first Kayak. On the water it feels stable. I've been out twice now, both times fishing on a relatively calm lake... the first time was with a buddy who's about my same size.  This is great regardless of whether you're fishing or if you're in another situation where you need to free up your hands. There's a nice sized open aired compartment in the back that comes with overhead netting.  I'm in love! Very happy with the purchase and see this guy being put to use for many years ahead. BTW, shipping delivered on time & was a joy to work with (they set up a time with you to take delivery)

Joshua S.

This kayak was perfect for two person fishing in the inter-coastal waterways!

Charlie in NC