Brooklyn Kayak FAQs

Can you remove the pedal systems and use propeller-driven kayaks as paddle only vessels?

 Yes, the pedal/propeller system can be removed from the hull completely, but it can also be quickly raised out of the water on a temporary basis during beach launches or to avoid shallow obstacles.

 What is the weight capacity of the kayak?

 Each of our kayaks has a different total weight capacity, and they vary from 350 pounds all the way to 650 pounds. Each kayak has its weight limit clearly stated on its product page, so please read up on any option you are considering.

 How much does this kayak weigh? And how big is it?

 Our kayaks vary in size and weight; some are closer to 50 pounds while others are closer to 100. Each yak's weight, length, and hull width is clearly listed on its product page, so please check there for exact information.

 Do your kayaks come with paddles and seats?

 Yes, all BKC kayaks come with high-quality paddles and seats. A solo kayak comes with one paddle and a single seat insert, while tandem options come with two paddles and seats.

 Can tandem/two-person kayaks be used by a solo paddler?

 Yes, absolutely. All of our two-person kayaks can safely and easily be operated by a single paddler seated in the rear position, and in many models, the adjustable seat can be moved closer to the middle of the hull if preferred. Just be sure to raise or remove the forward propeller in pedal drive models to minimize the chance of hitting submerged obstacles.

 Can BKC kayaks be used in salt water?

 Yes, they can thanks to their corrosion-resistant materials. But rinse the kayaks down with fresh water after salt-water excursions to minimize the build-up of mineral deposits.

 Are your kayaks compatible with trolling motors? And with fish finders?

 Many models can be outfitted with motors and/or hull mounted fish finders. When applicable, we have specifically noted these capabilities on our product pages, so please read through the information posted about any vessel that interests you.

 Can I safely stand up in this kayak?

 Many of our fishing kayaks are designed to be stable enough for you to stand up for casting and reeling, though other vessels we carry are narrower and will be harder to balance on. We have clearly indicated if a kayak suitable for standing on its product page, so please read through the content covering a specific vessel in which you are interested.

 How large are the storage compartments in this kayak?

 The storage hatch sizes vary slightly from model to model, but most are between 8" and 12" in width and are 6" deep, offering plenty of space for snacks, bait and tackle, a camera, and more.

 Can I peddle the kayak in reverse?

 Yes, you can peddle backwards and move your kayak in reverse. This helps when you are approaching a dock or boat with any other fine position adjustments needed on the water.

 Do I have to register my kayak with the Coast Guard or any other authorities?

Unless you attach a motor to the kayak, you should not have to register it with any authorities in most areas, but check the local laws and regulations to be sure.