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3 Popular Kayak Myths

Posted by Valerie DiCarlo on

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3 Popular Kayak Myths Debunked

The kayak fishing market is continuing to grow.

New kayak anglers are purchasing kayaks every day. Many, though, are making assumptions about their kayaks that simply are not true. Many are not informed correctly. Whether placing the blame on the sales company or the customer for not asking the right questions at the time of purchase, these kayak myths should be explained.

1. My Kayak Should Not Have Any Water In It After A Long Day of Fishing

Your kayak shouldn’t have gallons of water in it, this is true, but a couple of ounces isn’t hurting anything or anyone. So many new anglers obsess about the little bit of water that gets inside. No kayak is waterproof. Even submarines and battleships can take on water so the kayak is going to be ok with a little bit of water after you’ve been fishing If you want to locate a leak, check your hatches first, whether they were open or sealed properly. Next you can check for cracks or deep scars on the keel. If you had a big problem, you’d definitely know it. A little water won’t to hurt.

2. I Bought the Kayak For $800 So I Should Be Able to Sell For That Price

Kayaks, like cars, lower in value once they are used. I see a lot of people buy a kayak, add a bunch of accessories to it and then expect to sell it for the price of a new one. Kayaks are not houses. You can not buy a kayak and sell it for a quick profit. Doesn’t work like that. Why? Fishermen almost always want to choose their own stuff. I’d rather buy a brand new kayak and just upgrade over time. You can try to get back money on the price with adding accessories but that will usually take you longer to sell.

3.One Kayak Can Do Everything Well

This is another totally wrong statement.

Buying one kayak that can do many terrains such as saltwater, freshwater, rivers, lakes, swift water and beyond breakers just isn’t going to happen. You can buy one kayak and do all of those things in it but to expect it to be great at all of them just isn’t possible. My recommendation is to find a kayak that can do a little bit of everything you want to do and don’t expect it to be awesome at everything or buy multiple kayaks, each suited for a particular purpose.

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