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Brooklyn Kayak Company Shipping Information


Order notification email after order placed.


Shipment notification email

(after order shipped, within the time frame indicated on website)


In-Transit to Carrier Terminal


Carrier contacts You to Schedule Delivery




Brooklyn Kayak Company works diligently to process and fulfill all orders as quickly as possible. You can expect confirmation of your shipment and delivery of your product within the time frame noted within the dropdown menu on the exact product you ordered at time of purchase.

Different kayak makes and colors (and other non-kayak products) ship on different schedules, so to make sure you have accurate information, we include shipping details for each product individually. Once a shipment has been initiated, the kayak will arrive within a one-to-two week window.

And shipping? That’s on us.

Kayaks are expensive purchases already, and because of their size, they require special handling and shipping procedures, which along with very high - demand right now, does mean they take longer than some other products to be shipped and delivered. We are happy to offer free shipping to offset the slight wait.

Our carrier service offers customers a courtesy call ahead of a kayak’s delivery; please make sure to accept the call and agree to a timeframe with the delivery specialists, because you must be present in person for a kayak to be dropped off..If you are not able to be present for the delivery, please coordinate with the carrier. If you miss the call, no worries- just give the carrier a call back to ensure your scheduled kayak delivery date and time. If there are any issues with the carrier, please do not hesitate to reach out to us as we can facilitate any changes or updates needed.


There are a few steps you MUST take when your kayak is delivered to ensure that you can enjoy the full benefits of its warranty and so that you can identify and deal with any issues that were caused during the fulfillment process, as rare as they are.

1. First, you must fully unwrap and inspect the kayak before signing off on the delivery (and before the delivery personnel leave). DO NOT ACCEPT A KAYAK WITH MAJOR DAMAGE! Major damage includes any structural damage or compromised defects to the actual hull. REFUSE the delivery and have the carrier remove the damaged kayak. Please take photos/video and contact us immediately by phone or by emailing

2. If the damage is minor/cosmetic (such as scratches or missing parts) you must accept the delivery. No worries, though, we‘ve got your back. Just immediately contact us ASAP to report the issue so we can work with you to ensure your satisfaction. ASAP-as in the same day, drop us that line–we can’t help out if we can’t be sure it was an issue that happened before you got your kayak, and we hate not helping out.

Please note that if you do not follow these steps, we cannot help mitigate the issue later and the warranty or carrier’s policies may not cover damage that can no longer be proven to have been shipping related. If you do follow all these steps, then we can have your back and ensure smooth sailing. Or paddling, that is.

Questions About Shipping, Refunds, and Warranties

How are kayaks shipped?

We are happy to offer free shipping with a current average shipping and delivery turnaround of 7-14 business days. Depending on your location, we will use one of our trusted carrier partners to deliver your order. Due to high demand, our shipping time has increased.

Do you have locations to see your kayaks on display?

While we are an online retailer, we have many BKC dealers all around the country. Please contact us to find the closest BKC dealer near you!

What is the warranty on your kayaks?

Please refer to this link for more information:

Do you offer express shipping?

No, we do not offer express shipping due to the size of the kayak.

What is your refund policy on kayaks?

We offer a '14-day after delivery' return policy. This ensures you have had time to recieve and inspect your order. If you for some reason do not like the item, simply maintain it's  new condition and send it back to us. The only thing you will be responsible for is return shipping. When we recievie your return shipment, we will refund the original amount of your order.

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