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5 Must-Have Accessories for Kayak Fishing

Are you an angler addicted to gear? Do you bring more than you need? We know you need the right kayak fishing accessory for each situation.

Kayak fishing is an exciting departure from dock fishing — the maneuverable boat allows you to explore everything from the nooks and crannies of a shoreline to the calm center of a lake, revealing new places to drop a line.

But before you set off with your kayak and rod, there are a few more accessories to consider. With that in mind, here are five must-have accessories for the optimal kayak fishing trip.

Must-Have Kayak Fishing Accessories

  1. Fishing Paddle

The best fishing kayak paddles are lightweight, allowing you to spend a day paddling and casting lines without fatiguing your arms. They should also have anti-slip grips to provide added control in the water. Finally, the blades should be durable enough to push off rocky shorelines and lake bottoms (and to help unsnag fishing line from tree branches.)

  1. Paddle Leash

Now that you have the ideal kayak fishing paddle, you don’t want it drifting off the first time you go to grab your rod. Enter the paddle leash — it keeps your paddle attached to your kayak for worry-free fishing. Just adjust the collar around the shaft of your paddle and clip the other end to the hull of your kayak. You can even leave it clipped to the boat for easier setup on your next fishing trip.

  1. Kayak Cooler

No kayak fishing trip is complete without a sturdy cooler to keep fish (and recreational drinks) ice cold. Look for thick, insulated walls and UV-resistant materials that will stand up to long hours in the sun. Just make sure not to mix up the fish and the drinks!

  1. Dry Bags

Between the splashing of the paddle and the splashing of your potential catches, your gear is guaranteed to get wet. Protect anything that isn’t waterproof by sealing it in a dry bag. Roll the top of the bag down and clip it in place to keep your electronics, food and clothing safe and dry.

  1. Kayak Cart

Finally, you need a way to shuttle all of your kayak fishing gear – as well as the boat itself – between your car and the water. A kayak cart will do the trick. Easy assembly and all-terrain wheels will keep you from wearing yourself out before you even hit the water. They’ll also save your kayak from scraping across a parking lot or bumpy shoreline.

Whether you’re a beginning or a seasoned angler, these kayak fishing accessories will have you water-worthy in no time. With the addition of a good rod and a stable fishing kayak, you’ll be ready to pack up and leave the dock behind.

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