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5 Tips for Kayak Fishing with the Right Rod

It's important to find the right rod that optimally performs with your particular reel, fishing style, and fishing kayak. While there are wonderful advantages to fishing from a kayak, there is the disadvantage of space. Optimizing space is important so choosing the right rod for your fishing kayak is paramount. 

Here are 5 tips on finding the right fishing rod for kayak fishing.

1. Use a One-Piece Rod When Starting Kayak Fishing 

There are both 1-piece and 2-piece rods on the market. Sometimes, you may choose to use a 2-piece rod as you are used to it. But, as a newbie, one-piece rods are your best choice. It will let you feel more if you are fishing in deeper water. So, you will have fewer missed bites.

2. Light-weight Fiberglass or Composite Rods Are Easier When Kayak Fishing

Fiberglass rods usually provide more flexibility than other types of rods. It will still leave you with enough backbone for all different types of fish. There are also fiberglass and graphite available that are light, but also durable. If you want to do a lot of offshore trolling, you may need to use a medium-heavy, extra fast, or fast-action fiberglass or composite rod. But remember, offshore jigging and fishing will usually need more power and strength. Lightweight rods are great for kayak fishing because you will often find the need to cast one-handed as you also maneuver your kayak.

3. Look for Corrosion-Proof Fishing Rods

Any saltwater fishing rod or reel you use should typically be made to withstand corrosion. Usually, a lot of the guides and reel seats should be made with some type of non-corroding material, for example, stainless steel or aluminum. To help the gear last longer, make sure to give all of your saltwater rods and ocean fishing reels a heavy rinse in some freshwater when you arrive back at home or as soon as possible. This is also an important maintenance step for your kayak as well. 

4. Use Special UV Protective Coating for Rod and Kayak

A lot of ocean fishing rods are made with a protective coating to help protect the blank of the rod from cracking, fading, peeling, and chipping. This can occur also with the ongoing of items in the shining sunlight. When you are giving your kayak its UV protection consider it a reminder to grab your fishing gear as well.

5. Make Sure the Rod You Use is the Right Length for Kayak Fishing

Rod length is an important consideration when fishing from a kayak. Depending on the size of your kayak and yourself, the best range for kayak fishing rods is between 7.5 to 8.5 feet. A good rule of thumb to find the range for your rod is to measure from the seat to the front of the kayak + 1 foot. So your minimum length = distance from the front of the seat to the front of the kayak + 1 foot. Your maximum length = distance from the back of the seat to the front of the kayak + 1 foot. This allows you to maneuver the rod around the front of the kayak without having to get out of your seat. But also not so long that it is impossible to get the fish within landing distance when it comes time to bring it alongside your ‘yak. 



Now that you are aware of some of the features available for your fishing rods, you can better make a wise educated decision about what kind of rod will work best with you and your kayak. Make sure to check all fishing regulations for your state and also to make sure to buy your FISHING LICENSE ONLINE before you leave. #HappyFishing everyone!

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