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Brooklyn Kayak Company COVID-19 Update

There truly never has been a better time to get out on the water. Not only is warm weather here, but with so many museums, malls, restaurants, theaters, and shops closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, not only is paddling a great choice for summer recreation, but it’s also a safe choice for exercise, recreation, for family time or time to refresh alone.

We’ve seen orders for our kayaks spike, and we’re working harder than ever to ship orders as fast as we can. But to be frank, not only are we working harder than ever, but our work has become harder than ever, too.

Brooklyn Kayak Company is right here in New York, one of the places hit hardest by COVID-19. As we strive to keep fulfilling orders, we’re also committed to keeping our staff and our customers safe. That means masks and gloves in the office and warehouse. It means staggered shifts and social distancing at work. It means regular deep cleanings.

And on top of the surge of orders, all of those safety measures do add up. They do take time, and as such some orders will take longer than usual to fill. But we’re not willing to put people at risk; not the people who work here or that shop here. We’re also not raising our prices nor will we ever lower our quality standards.

Your kayak might take an extra few weeks to arrive this summer, but you will get it, and as soon as we can possibly manage. We promise you that and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

And we’re here for you, too. Pick up the phone and our customer service team will answer your call. Email us, and we’ll write back. Order from us, and you can trust that soon, the finest kayak you could ask for will be floating underneath you.


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Because we use our own products, our kayaks are designed by kayakers for kayakers.

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