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Foldable Kayaks: What to Know

As kayak interest has increased so has the technology to bring this activity to as many people as possible. Since one of the biggest obstacles to kayaking for many people is portability and storage, designers and engineers have gone to work to find solutions. Smaller crafts, lighter weight materials, inflatable options have all popped up to good effect. But have you heard about foldable kayaks?

Yep, now you can fold up your kayak, store it and transport it easily, and just unfold it to get on the water. There are a couple different styles and materials for folding kayaks, but Brooklyn Kayak Company’s foldable kayak is in a league of its own. Check out this fully loaded and extremely functional kayak: BKC FPK 8-foot Foldable Kayak.

What is a foldable kayak?

In simplest terms, a foldable kayak is one that folds up for easy storage and portability. Many foldables are made of corrugated plastic or similar to hold shape but still fold “origami” style. Some fold as small as a large(ish) suitcase and weigh less than 20 lbs. They unfold in minutes with a few tucks and clips (and not a rigorous pumping to get them inflated).

Brooklyn Kayak Company’s foldable kayak is different. It isn’t a thin, foldable plastic, it is a fully rotomolded plastic kayak that is hinged to fold in half. This means it doesn’t get quite as small (or light) as other foldables, but you maintain all the functions of a hard-shell yak. 

Who uses a foldable kayak?

Foldable kayaks are for just about everyone, but they are particularly useful for those who don’t have the space to store a traditional yak. So apartment dwellers, small car owners, or those with limitations on lifting and loading heavier kayaks will benefit from this unique design.

The BKC Folding Kayak is especially good for urban anglers or those who need all the benefits of a hard-shell (storage, weight capacity, comfort) but not the bulky size. It unfolds to 8 feet but it is surprisingly stable and handles well. It comes with a pedal drive and comfortable adjustable seat. You can stay out all day with ease. Unlike other foldables which are, by necessity, pretty bare bones, this foldable kayak has 4 fishing rod holders, twin cup holders, storage space, and even a sealed hatch. Really, everything you need for a day of fishing. So it is big on water, but when you get back, it is small on shore as you can reduce it to a compact 48x36 inch and 66 lbs. (Still bigger than other foldables much smaller than a traditional hard-shell). 

When and where do you use a foldable kayak?

Where can’t you use a foldable kayak? This option makes an already accessible water activity even more so. The ease of carry and transport means you can get this vessel almost anywhere that it can float. Backwaters, lakes, fishing holes, and more are available for the taking.

Most foldable kayaks are best for touring or recreational use and not shooting rapids, but they are excellent for getting you out on the water with ease. Brooklyn Kayak Company’s foldable option is great for fishing or touring as its 354 lb weight capacity lets you bring plenty of gear with you.

Why use a foldable kayak

There are lots of reasons to choose a foldable kayak! And with Brooklyn Kayak Company’s 8-foot Foldable, there aren’t a lot of reasons not to.

Foldable kayaks are a popular option for a number of reasons.

  • Weight - Foldable kayaks are usually much lighter and easier to manage than their traditional, hardshell cousins. Even the Brooklyn Kayak Company Foldable Kayak made of rotomolded plastic (identical to hardshell yaks) is lighter.
  • Portability and Storage - For many people, this is the biggest selling point of a foldable kayak. If space is an issue in your vehicle or your home, a foldable option brings kayaking back into play. Some of these options aren’t any bigger than a portfolio envelope and they can slide right into a trunk or hatch. No need for racks.

Why NOT to use a foldable kayak

One of the biggest cons of a typical foldable is lack of comfort and “extras”. The origami style foldable kayak lends itself to bare bones kayaking. This can be great for quick, spontaneous kayak adventures, but not more lengthy floats. Brooklyn Kayak Company’s foldable option really is the best of all worlds. You get the portability and storage advantages of a foldable with the amenities, extras, and comfort of a hardshell kayak.




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