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Fun Summer Kayak Fishing Spots

Summer is here! So break out the rods and reels. Don’t miss a chance to drop a line. 

Summer Kayak Fishing Spots

Destination Fishing

Looking for a summertime fishing destination or want to get some fishing in no matter where your travels take you? There are so many great places to choose from. Whether you are targeting a specific species or seeing what takes the bait, here are just a few fun spots to check out.

  • New York & Jersey Shore: Perhaps surprising to some, there is lots of good fishing around NYC. The Brooklyn area offers great estuary fishing for both saltwater & freshwater fish. Snag striped & largemouth bass as well as bluegill and summer flounder. Or troll all along the Jersey shore for fantastic angling action.
  • Texas: Summer in the Lone Star state means awesome fishing. But if you really want some fun action, you might need to get a little bit off-shore. Kingfish make for some exciting fishing near Galveston, Port O’Conner, and more. You can go deep or even get some action off trolling for surface swimmers. 
  • Louisiana: If you are looking for redfish in the summer, look no further than Louisiana. While other places are suffering the redfish doldrums, LA is heating up. The marshes are a great spawning ground for huge schools of these fish. 
  • Florida Keys: The annual tarpon migration means that this is the perfect destination for fishing in the summer months. Working in the backwaters and lower keys will earn you some strikes of this sought-after fish. 
  • US Virgin Islands: If travel takes you further afield, check out the fishing around St. Thomas for an exceptional experience fishing for blue marlin. Just make sure to plan ahead. You might need to book in advance. 
  • Virginia: Along with amazing history, luxurious resorts, and miles of beaches, the Chesapeake Bay (Virginia Beach) area offers productive fishing as well. Bass make an appearance as they move north, but you can also find Spanish Mackerel swimming quite close to shore. 
  • New England: As the fish work their way north through the summer, Boston and the surrounding area can be a hotbed for striped bass. Whether you stay close to shore or venture out into the deep, there is fishing available for all kinds of anglers.  
  • Missouri: St. Louis has more to offer than just the arch. Along with its rich history are numerous lakes and rivers for fishing. Catfish are a summertime staple in this area. 
  • Minnesota: Also renowned for its pristine lakes and fabulous fishing is northern Minnesota. Lake of the Woods is an angler paradise. The summer months help it earn its title “Walleye Capital of the World” (which it holds alongside Lake Erie). The fish are found in abundance on the lake, along with bass, northern pike, musky, and even sturgeon. 
  • Alaska: As you might imagine, Alaska has to be on the list. When you want truly epic-sized catches, you will want to target Alaska’s halibut. It isn’t uncommon to catch 300 pound trophy fish in the water of Sitka, Seward, and Homer. This might be a little bit tough in a kayak, but since kayaks have their birth in this area, it isn’t impossible. 
  • Washington: Plan a trip to Seattle in July and August and you will find prime time for fishing. Located around the city are areas to pull in the frisky Chinook as well as Coho Salmon. You can even find steelhead in the local rivers. Just to aware that much of the fishing is regulated and you should plan to catch-and-release. 
  • California: While there is fishing all over the Golden State, you might want to focus your dreams of trout on Lake Tahoe. The crystal clear waters of this lake (that rests on the borders of California and Nevada) are breath-taking. Set your hook in some lake trout for a rollicking good time. The lake also boasts brown and rainbow trout as well. 

Local Fishing

If you are staying local this summer, never fear. Fishing your local streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes can also be rewarding. Here are a few tips on finding fun summer fishing spots close to home. 

  • Look for shade: Fish are looking for cooler temperatures, so fishing areas of shade are more likely to result in hits. 
  • Look for structure: The more structures in an area the better. A fallen log, a point, a bed of weeds / grasses are all excellent areas to explore. 
  • Look for wind: Wind-driven shorelines near open water are cooler spots for fish to rest. Spots facing directly into the wind are likely to yield results as the wind brings cooler water and more oxygen to the fish.

Summer Kayak Fishing Tips

  • Stay hydrated: This can never be stated enough. Make sure that you are drinking enough water (or electrolyte drinks, not energy drinks). If you find that you haven’t had the urge to urinate after a few hours then you are likely not drinking enough.
  • Beat the sun: Consider fishing early in the morning or later at night. Fishing tends to be more active during the cooler hours and it will also be safer to avoid the hottest, sunniest hours of the day. Whenever you are out, make sure that you wear sunscreen. 
  • Dress to impress: Wear loose-fitting and light-colored clothing in the summer. Clothes that allow for air-circulation or moisture-wicking are wise. Lighter colors will also help to reflect rather than absorb the heat. Invest in some clothing that is rated with a UPF (Ultraviolet factor) for protection from the sun. A hat or visor to protect your face and head is also advisable. 
  • Guard your live bait: If you choose to fish with live bait, make sure that you keep it well. Leaving it in a hot car or a hot kayak can have detrimental effects. Keep your bait shaded and cool as much as possible. 

Summertime is a great time for fishing. Whether you are home or traveling, getting a line wet could result in some fun summer memories. Happy Fishing!

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