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Kayak Fishing with Trolling Motors

Many anglers have chosen kayak fishing for its ‘ease of experience’ – a lightweight boat that you can easily transport, launch in the water, and go! Not to mention the happiness and stress relief of paddling and fishing on the open waters.

With the many different kayak models, sizes, and shapes, you may not have thought of ‘motorizing’ your kayak. But adding a trolling motor to your kayak - or purchasing a kayak with a trolling motor already installed - offers some real advantages to your fishing experience!

Let’s start by going through the different options for using a trolling motor on a kayak.

  1. Mounting a Trolling Motor to Your Kayak

You can add a trolling motor to your existing kayak. To install a trolling motor on your kayak, you will need a mount. With a trolling motor mount, you’ll be able to attach the motor fairly easily – without spending too much time or effort. But be sure to do your homework to research the right trolling motor mount kit options and configurations that will be right for you.
As far as steering goes, it can depend on your boat. Some motors have an attached rudder that you manipulate with your arm or hand, but others require you to steer by shifting your weight with your lower body. There are different mounting setups for different types of kayaks, so be sure to do your research or consult a shop about how to install your own properly. This step can also be helpful in ensuring you have the space for the motor setup you’d like and don’t damage your hull in the installation process.
  1. Purchasing a Kayak with a Trolling Motor

Brooklyn Kayak Company offers four of their popular BKC PK-series kayaks with installed trolling motors:
Built-in trolling motors on your kayak allows for effortless cruising and fishing. Check out each of these options to see if this would be a good choice for your fishing needs.


Advantages to Kayak Fishing with Trolling Motors

Quiet, Silent Approach to the Fish – electric, battery powered trolling motors are super quiet and will not over-churn the waters or scare off the fish – allowing for optimum fishing conditions.

Hands-Free Casting – while paddling is part of the kayaking experience, using a trolling motor on your fishing kayak allows your hands free to cast-off and reel-in ‘the big one’ without worrying about paddling or the paddles.

More Time to Fish – a fishing kayak with a trolling motor allows more time to fish and less time paddling, anchoring, setting up or tearing down to move to a new spot. Trolling motors also offer a longer range of travel to cover more area on your fishing trips…and the opportunity to catch more fish!

Conserves Your Energy – reach your favorite spot faster with less energy spent – and fish longer! Especially for open waters or areas with large currents, it can be easier to not worry about how deep your anchor has to drop, losing your balance, and keeping up with multiple pieces of equipment. The trolling motor allows you to stay in one spot in a more streamlined way, and can lessen your fatigue by cutting through more challenging waters for you.

As kayak fishing has grown in popularity, more anglers are finding ways to get the most of their experience. And with the advancements of the trolling motors, fishermen have the advantage and opportunity to catch more fish.

At the end of the day, whether you’re kayak fishing with or without a trolling motor, you should end the day with a good experience and lots of fish to take home -- happy casting!!

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