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Kayaking Gift Guide

The gift of kayaking is never too early to give. The peace of mind you experience combined with the added benefit of physical exercise is fun for those young and old.

There’s always an occasion to give a gift around the corner, so you may find yourself wondering where to start when it comes to getting something for the avid kayaker in your life, or how to pick something for a novice paddler.

Don’t overthink it; BKC has you covered with recommendations for any occasion and experience level.

Kayaker Gifts for Any Occasion

For the kayaking duo whose resolution last year was to spend more time on the water.

Tandem kayaks are two-person boats that allow you and a partner to develop ultimate collaboration and team-building skills.

Whether it’s you and a friend or you and your significant other or family member, the BKC TK122 Tandem Kayak can get out on the water in no time. It’s an easily portable yak that is perfect for the casual weekend paddle or an angling adventure.

This kayak offers maximum stability, space and storage for comfort, as well as the option for customization with 3 different seating options. It can easily handle choppy waters and has all the storage compartments you’ll need for a family outing or a fishing trip.

Check out the BKC TK122 Tandem Kayak today!


The Perfect Pedal Kayak Setup for the Angler in Your Life  

Kayak fishing is becoming one of the most popular kayaking activities as everyone young and old discovers the appeal of angling.

BKC has taken it to the next level with the PK11 pedal fishing kayak that combines all the features a seasoned angler needs to enjoy a lengthy trip out on the water. Consider picking up the PK11 kayak model for the fishing fanatic close to your heart!

The BKC PK11 Pedal Kayak’s design will allow them to glide effortlessly through any choppy water with grace, so they don’t disturb the fish they’re trying to reel in. The pedal drive system is an added bonus that leaves their hands free to cast off or change out rods while keeping momentum and a consistent course through the water. From the extra rod mounts to the hands-free propulsion system, this kayak is truly optimized for the angling pro.

Cast off in the BKC PK11 Pedal Kayak


The Beginner Yak for the Newbie Paddler

Who in your circle enjoys decompressing and recharging by solo adventures into nature? This person could really enjoy a single-person kayak session to further connect with their environment and inner peace. The BKC FK184 is a perfect beginner kayak that has an easy setup, extra stability, and cool customization options to allow them to make it their own without too much research. It has everything the solo kayaker needs to succeed on the water.

This is also a great option for someone looking to pick up a new sport and meet friends along the way. The FK184 takes all the guesswork out of kayaking and paves the way for new paddlers or anglers to succeed. There’s ample storage space for any supplies they might need, it’s ultra stable to prevent unexpected tumbles, and it’s lightweight and portable as well. What more could a beginning yaker need?

Get started kayaking with the BKC FK184 Single Kayak today!


Your Adventurous Bestie’s New Paddling Companion!

This skiff boat is for the expert yaker or fisher in your life who wants something even more different and exciting.

BKC’s skiff boat blurs the lines between traditional watercraft to give you the ultimate adventurous boat for whatever you enjoy exploring. It’s smaller frame and shallower hull allow it to maneuver easily into trickier spots, while the wide deck provides stability in any choppy waters.

Whether you know an avid angler, SUP enthusiast, or kayaking fanatic, this skiff boat can please them all. The non-slip deck allows for comfortable stand-up paddling, but it handles just as well from the seated position and is sturdy enough to mount a motor to if desired. It’s truly the watercraft-of-all-trades that will allow them to easily explore any aquatic terrains they desire.

Give the gift of adventure with the BKC MK13 Solo Skiff!


For the Happy Paddler in Your Family 

Looking to gift a versatile workout to the paddler in your life? BKC’s SUPYN is perfect--as they can paddle upright, seated, or from the kneeling position on this vessel. Stand-up paddle boards (or SUP’s) are the perfect mix of portability and functionality, and BKC has taken it one step further by adding additional comfort via the on-board seat.

Traditional SUP’s are almost a cross between a surfboard and a sit-on-top kayak, but the BKC SUPYN is the best parts of a traditional SUP and a sit-on-top kayak. It can get into all the places a traditional kayak can’t, but it still has the comfort, stability, and storage of a kayak. Whatever type of SUP or kayaking exercises you enjoy, can be accomplished with this board. Don’t hesitate to give it to your aquatic paddling lover!

Explore with the BKC SUPYN Stand Up Paddle Board today!


Upgrade a Kayak with New Seats This Year

For those who like sit-on-top kayaks, but need more support, BKC’s Upright Aluminum Kayak Seats are a great upgrade to any loaded yak. This is the perfect accessory for the kayaker in your life who has it all, but might enjoy a more ergonomic sitting experience while on the water or fishing.

These seats work exclusively with BKC kayak models TK122, RA220, and TK219. The upright positioning provided by the aluminum frame offers stability, support, and a mesh cushion to allow for hours of aquatic adventuring. Whether you’re in choppy waves or smooth currents, this kayak seat prevents fatigue and allows you to enjoy your paddling experience.

Invest in an Upright Aluminum Seat for BKC TK122 RA220 and TK219 today! 


Looking to Improve Your Fishing Kayak Set-Up? Invest in a Trolling Motor!

A trolling motor is the perfect way to optimize an angling adventure. They’re quieter, smoother, and less fatiguing than a pedal motor or paddle, so you’re able to be as stealthy as possible on the water. Whether you’re treating yourself or a fellow kayak fisher friend to this motor, you’ll both see a drastic improvement in your fishing game because of it.

This Neralls trolling motor is compatible with all BKC PK series kayaks, so it will be an easy install if you have a kayak in this series. It combines prevision control, lightweight construction, and quiet operation to give the ultimate angling experience.

The fish will never see you coming, and you’ll have the power to be out on the water as long as you’d like with this upgraded trolling motor.

Optimize your angling with the BKC Trolling Motor by Neralls


BKC Caps are the Best Kayaking Accessory

Looking for some versatile apparel that also looks good? Check out the BKC caps!

You can go classic twill or trucker style depending on your preference, but both are high quality and provide necessary shade and style while out in the sun.

They make a great thank you to the outdoorsy person in your life, and are easy and affordable to keep on hand.

Anyone who spends time on the water or out in the sun a lot will thank you for this gift. A hat is the perfect way to protect their face from the sun, avoid fatigue, and fashionably face the elements whether they’re on the water or on the trails.

Pick up one of these BKC Caps before your next kayaking trip!


Other Kayak Accessories as the Perfect Gift!


Not Sure What Your Kayak Lover Has Already?

If you’re not familiar with the world of kayaks yourself, it can be daunting trying to pick out a boat or piece of gear for your friends and family who are into it. If you want to pitch in towards their next kayaking purchase, but aren’t sure what to give, take the pressure off by giving a BKC gift card!

This credit works towards anything on our site, and allows the recipient to get exactly what they want. It’s also a great option if you’re gifting from afar, as these cards are gifted via email and don’t have any processing fees. Give the gift of BKC with minimal hassle and maximum enjoyment!

Gift a BKC Gift Card today!





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