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All About Crankbaits

Posted by Valerie DiCarlo on


What is a crankbait? A crankbait is a lure with a shape that enables it to dive and stay under water, typically via a flat lip on the front.

5 Different Types of Crankbait

1.Shallower Water Crankbait

These have small bills on the baits body, and can only go 0 – 5 feet deep. A square bill type crankbait is the most common of the shallow diving crankbaits. It is used most often because of how it can deflect and bounce off of shallow covers.

2. Medium Diving Crankbait

Medium diving crankbaits have a little bit of longer bills on the front side. These baits can go down effectively from 5 – 12 feet waters. An effective medium diving crankbait can get the job done when the bass aren’t sitting up in the shallow stuff, hold a little deeper on the edges.

3. Deep Diving Crankbait

These crankbaits have bigger bills and are much beefier than the medium or shallow diving crankbaits. Typically, you need some beefed up gear to throw one of these bad boys around. Deep diving crankbaits are best used anywhere from to 12 – 20 feet deep for diving down to bounce off the bottom or cover.

4. Lipless Crankbait

Lipless crankbaits don’t have a bill at all hence the name lipless. They sink down into the waters and have a tight vibrating motion on the retrieving aspect because of the small flat surface on top of the bait. These crankbaits tend to work the best when fishing around grassier areas of water. Ripping a lipless crankbait over the top of grass vegetation is a really popular and effective method for catching bass fish. A lipless crankbait can be fished at any depth of water. They typically come in heavier sizes for fishing deep, and lighter sizes for fishing in shallower areas.

5. Jerk bait

A jerk bait is a type of crankbait that suspends in the water, and is used with a twitch and pause motion. They are typically used in colder waters to imitate a dying baitfish. Usually the deepest they can go is about 12 ft deep. Most of these have small bills and can only dive down to about 5 feet, and stay up in waters on the pause.

Make sure you consider these 3 variables when choosing our crankbait.

1. water clarity

2. water temperature- using water clarity, and water temperature will help you determine the style of crankbait you should use.

3. water depth- the depth you are fishing should help you determine the type of crankbait you should use.

All of these are key factors when choosing the right crankbait for you!

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