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Product Feature: Brooklyn 11.5 Pro Single Kayak (RA220)

RA220 Upgraded to Brooklyn 11.5 Pro Single Kayak

Check out our Brooklyn 11.5 Pro Single Kayak, the BKC RA220, redesigned with our customers in mind. The BKC RA220 kayak has always been a best-seller for its maneuverability and versatility for solo paddlers, but now we’ve made it even better - now with a new name: Brooklyn 11.5 Pro Single Kayak. Thanks to the input from our users!

This is the kayak you want for long, leisurely days on the water. Or even short exciting jaunts to new secret spots. From fishing to recreation for a single paddler, this kayak can do it all.

The Brooklyn 11.5 Pro Single Kayak now boasts more storage so you can be at ease with everything at your fingertips. An added tackle storage tray in front of the paddler lets you hold tackle, lures, and more without sliding around the yak. There is also an added storage tray by the side of the paddler that can accommodate a small tackle box / organizer. If you are going to be out all day, you better hydrate, so you will be sure to need the added cup holder. Finally, the storage area in the stern of the kayak has been expanded to handle more gear for longer trips.

The updates don’t stop at just your comfort. There are also design changes to enhance your fishing. The cleverly designed seat upgrade let you raise your seat two inches for vital sight line improvements when casting. We’ve also added an additional articulating rod holders that can also be used for outriggers if you are looking for further stability. The super grip handles make carrying this kayak easier as well. 

Our best-seller just got better. Check out Brooklyn 11.5 Pro Single Kayak.

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