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Solo Kayaking Preparation

Getting out on the water to kayak is a great way to unwind and stay active. It not only gives you a physical workout, but a mental one, as well. The scenery and connection with nature while you’re kayaking is just an added bonus.

While it can be a social sport, kayaking is also a really rewarding solo activity. Whether you need to social distance, need time to decompress after a stressful week, or you’re looking for an engaging way to carve out one-on-one time with yourself, solo kayaking can add a lot to your life.

Beginner kayakers and experienced kayakers alike can benefit from solo kayaking. You shouldn’t be intimidated by the prospect of kayaking on your own, it’s an exciting way to re-engage with nature and yourself! You just want to make sure you’ve prepared appropriately first.

Planning for a Single Kayaking Trip

The first thing you should accomplish before going out for a single kayaking trip is that you’re proficient in your self-rescue techniques. You should also aim to plan for a trip that isn’t too long or too intense a course. This will be key in avoiding fatigue and ensuring you want to go out on the water again!

Checking the weather and doing your research on the area you’re planning to paddle is also important. Intentional preparation is a single kayaker’s best friend. You’ll want to know how to dress, and the conditions to prepare for, so you can plan accordingly. Looking up these details beforehand and knowing where you’re going will be key.

Packing for a Single Kayak Trip

Packing for solo kayaking is another aspect of planning that will ensure you have an enjoyable trip. You won’t have someone else to borrow something from if you forget it, so making a comprehensive list of gear and equipment you can carry alone will be helpful.

Here is some recommended equipment and gear you should plan to bring along:

  • A well-fitting PFD
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Snacks and water
  • Navigation system/GPS
  • An extra pair of clothes
  • Bilge pump
  • Paddle leash

Choosing items that not only keep you safe and comfortable but that make your life easier on the water is a good balance to strike. In doing so, you can fully focus on the experience and what’s going on around you.

Solo kayaking allows you to delve further into the art of paddling, while also allowing space for you to decompress, destress, and get back in tune with yourself. As long as you stick to your plan and pack appropriately, it should be smooth sailing. Start planning your single kayaking adventure and Shop BKC Single Kayaks today!

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