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The Tranquility of Kayak Fishing

You love kayaking fishing for the exercise, the escape to the great outdoors, the challenge and the excitement, even the family-friendly nature of it. But have you considered the tranquility of it all?

Many people are turning to this popular activity because of the peaceful nature of rod, reel, cast and float.

Kayak fishing is just built for getting away from it all. Unlike fishing from the shore or from a boat, your kayak can get you to places otherwise inaccessible. You can truly get away - finding solitary places to drop anchor and throw out a line. Slip into all kinds of waterways that are suitable for paddling, without having to launch or moor a boat. As you find your peaceful, happy place, you can find the tranquility that can be so elusive in today’s world.

The Relaxation of Kayak Fishing

Beside getting away from the hustle, you can also get away from the bustle! Eschewing the equipment-heavy nature of boat fishing, you can simply float out with rod and paddle. Leave the noise of motors behind and listen to nature instead. And you aren’t missing anything in the way of “the catch”. Kayak fishermen are reeling in fish of the same type, size, and quality as their colleagues on boats. Let the only sounds be the slap of your paddle, the whir of the reel, and the splash of a trophy bass again your hull.

Benefits of Kayak Fishing

And since you are away from it all. Kayak fishing can help improve focus and memory as you stimulate the hippocampus and neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Breaking from the “real world” can make you more ready and able to re-engage with more focus and motivation when you return to the problems you face. 

Take the tranquility of a day of kayak fishing back home with you as well. The physical and mental benefits can translate into better rest. And the benefits of a good night’s rest can’t be overstated.

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