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What Does a Kayak Anchor Trolley Do?

If you’ve fallen in love with the ease, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of fishing from your kayak, then you might want to check out the benefits of an anchor trolley system.

As you continue to trick out your kayak with all the bells and whistles to make your fishing expeditions a dream come true, look into a trolley system for your anchor. This ingenious setup allows you to safely anchor your yak so you can keep fishing.

While you could just grab some line and an anchor and think you are good, you would be very mistaken. Safety is key and an anchor trolley can help you make anchoring much safer on a kayak, which can already be prone to capsize/balance issues.

What is an Anchor Trolley?

A trolley system uses two pulleys, line, and a ring. Mounted on the outside length of the kayak, the pulleys are strung with line that is attached to a ring. You attach your anchor line to the ring which allows you to slide the anchor point (by way of the ring) back and forth to adjust.

kayak anchor trolley system

* Image courtesy of Bass Pro Shops

Advantages of a Kayak Anchor Trolley:

  • Ease of anchoring and removing the anchor
  • Allows you to fish in any wind condition (into, cross current, or at your back)
  • Holds the kayak in place; (but more than that) holds you in the direction you want to face
  • Permits you to turn your boat without removing the anchor

Where to use an Anchor Trolley When Kayaking:

An anchor trolley is useful in most kayaking situations except swift flowing currents like rivers. In that case there are just too many dangers to try to stay in one place. However, lake fishing, small currents, and even windy conditions can be tamed with a kayak anchor trolley system.


It’s one thing to float with the current and let the wind take you, but when you want to stay where the fish are biting, look into a kayak anchor trolley system.




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