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Why Kayak Fishing is Good for Your Health

Some hear kayaking and think of a serene, meditative bout on the water. Others seek out the strong rapids to race against. Whether you’re looking for calm or an adventure, kayaking is a sport that can provide both, especially when you add fishing skills to the mix.

Kayak fishing might not sound the most exciting to those unfamiliar with it, but it actually can be quite engaging and allows you to develop more advanced kayaking skills. Beyond that, it is quite beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Everyone could use an outlet like this to destress, especially in this current climate.

Kayak Fishing Health Benefits

Mental Health Boost

It’s been well documented that doing any amount of physical activity has a positive impact on the chemistry of our brain. If taking a walk around the block can put you in a better mood, imagine how you’ll feel after spending a few hours out on the water surrounded by scenic views. Your serotonin could be off the charts!

What you might not be familiar with is the impact engaging with nature has on our mental health. It relaxes, invigorates, and helps us unwind. Even if you’re kayaking in an urban setting, being on the water and hopefully reeling in some fish can still have a great impact on your mental health.

Lower Blood Pressure

In addition to its positive impact on our mental health, nature also has a positive impact on blood pressure and cardiovascular health. The calming effect of green space further relaxes us and helps the stress of everyday life melt away. Just 30 mins a week has shown to have a positive impact, which you cover in no time out on the water.

Particularly with kayak fishing, you’re even closer to the water than in a regular fishing boat, so the connection to your setting will be amplified!

Full Body Workout

It may not seem like it initially, but angling engages multiple muscle groups. The arms and shoulders will definitely get a work-out, but so will your core and legs. Especially with balancing, casting off and staying right side up in the kayak, bracing and steadying yourself with your legs and core will be key in having a successful angling trip. Each cast off and paddle stroke will get easier as you get used to balancing and flexing these different muscle groups. Kayak fishing is great exercise!

Low Impact Cardio

Although you work a lot of muscle groups while doing it, kayak fishing is relatively low impact as far as exercises go. It’s a great way to get moving without exerting a lot of strain on your joints and provides a full-body low impact cardio exercise.

Its impact is further amplified if you stand to cast off. This not only further improves your posture and gets your body upright, but it allows you to use your core muscles, balance, stretch and re-energize yourself amidst your angling journey.

Safe Social Activity

You can use kayak fishing as a way to gain some quality alone time, but it’s also a great way to bond or hang out with others. Whether you’re casting off from a tandem kayak or separate boats, it never hurts to have a friend come along for the ride.

This can be especially beneficial to anglers who are looking for other people who enjoy the hobby. Or you could use it as an opportunity to share it with a young family member who hasn’t been on the water before. Any way you choose to do it, angling has potential for you to engage with others as well as nature.


Now that you’ve learned how beneficial this activity can be for your social, mental, and physical health, get on out there! Whether it’s your first or hundredth time, kayak fishing has lots to offer everyone. Happy fishing!

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