Why Kayaking and Fishing in the Bahamas is An Anglers Dream!

Why Kayaking and Fishing in the Bahamas is An Anglers Dream!

If you just begin to talk about the Bahamas, people usually think of the tan lines, tiki bars and endless buffets. But what lies beyond the breakers is what makes Grand Bahama an anglers dream fishing spot.

Paddle just a couple of miles from the shore and the bottom can drop 1000 feet. Deep ocean currents carry nutrients where marlin, dolphin, tuna, wahoo and king mackerel wait.

Live slow trolling baits or diving plugs is deadly on the surface-feeding tuna, marlin, dolphin and wahoo fish. But just drop a vertical jig onto any of the reefs or sea mounts to hook up with a snapper or grouper.

Do you want to take a break from the open ocean? Then head through a series of man-made canals to the sand flats on the lea side of the island. The Grand Bahamas is a world class sight fishing destination for trophy fish. Grab a fly rod or light spinner and stalk your prey in crystal clear shallows.

There are also plenty of options for food and lodging here on the island. Fresh fish is worth it’s weight in gold, so just use your catch to get yourself any goods and services you might need.


Mahi mahi, Atlantic sailfish, blackfin tuna, kingfish, wahoo, grouper, snapper and marlin.


Grand Bahama offers a year-round offshore fishery with a very mild and stable climate.


Live bait is the easy ticket for catching just about any species in the gin clear waters off Freeport. Goggle eyes, pilchards and blue runners are all good choices. Leader choice depends on the target species. For toothy predators, like kingfish and wahoo, use 50-80 pound single-strand wire. For sure sighted hunters like tuna and mahi mahi, stick with a fluorocarbon leader between 30-60 pound test.


The seas here may be nasty when the wind blows from the southeast, so bring a stable kayak that can handle the moderate surf. A pedal drive will cover the waters faster and more efficiently, especially for trolling. Also invest in a high-quality depth finder and GPS combination that will keep the boat on the reef and on the fish.