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Why Use a Wall Mount to Store Your Kayak?

The sleek, streamlined craft that you paddle out on the water can quickly become an unwieldy monster on land. If you are struggling to find a safe way to store your kayak, consider investing in a wall mount. They are an inexpensive, practical solution to kayak storage.

While it might be convenient to just dump your kayak on the side of the house, that is never the best solution. In addition to being an invitation for it to grow legs and disappear, it is also not good for the kayak itself. Care must be taken to keep pressure off the hull and prevent UV rays from degrading the plastic.

Finding a place indoors - or at least sheltered - is very important. This is where a wall mount, like BKCs Wall Mounted Kayak Rack with Included Paddle Storage comes into play. Mounting your kayak can be handy for a number of reasons.

1.  Walls mounts protect your kayak

Not taking proper care to store your kayak can lead to all sorts of problems: mildew/molding, scratches/dents, and worst of all warping of the hull. Unfortunately, kayaks are susceptible to all of these nuisances.

A wall mount allows increased air flow around your yak. This ensures that it dries and prevents the growth of mildew/mold. It can also regulate the temperature around the plastic so it doesn’t warp from heat.

Storing your kayak also means being aware of the pressure on the hull. Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, the weight of resting the kayak on the hull can cause warping. A wall mount helps to distribute the weight evenly by cradling it appropriately. And it keeps it off of hard surfaces like concrete floors that can also damage and dent your yak.

2.  Wall mounts keep kayaks out of the way and opens up floor space

Storing with a wall mount can get your kayak up and out of the way. Depending on how high you hang it, it can be out of the way for the off-season. Or perhaps you would like to have it accessible for the season? Then hang for easy in and out. And if you have multiple yaks, you can stack the wall mounts to keep your vessels out of the way.

Wall mounts hold your kayaks on the side with the cockpit facing out, this means that the yak only protrudes about a foot or so off the wall keeping it nicely contained.

3.  Wall mounts are versatile

This economical and simple way to mount your kayak is also versatile. Wall mounts can also be used to hold many SUPs, surf boards, and other lightweight watercrafts. Brooklyn Kayak Company Wall Mounted Kayak Rack is a wonderful way to hang your yak AND the additional hooks work for paddle storage, PFD organization, and more. (Pro-tip: always check the dimensions of your rack to make sure it fits your needs).

A wall mount keeps all your gear contained in one place so you are ready to launch when the opportunity presents itself. Don’t exceed the weight limit, but this simple device can be quite handy to keep you organized.

4.  Wall mounts are economical and easy to use

Another benefit of the wall mount is simply that they are simple and fairly inexpensive. You can hardly get more bang for your buck, than a kayak wall mount. You can get all the advantages listed above and they are fairly simple to install too.

Read the manufacturer's instructions and ensure you know what it is rated for weight, etc. Also be sure to mount into studs with adequate hardware. But if it is installed correctly, you will have years of hassle-free kayak storage to look forward to.

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