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Articulating Kayak Rod Holder

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Articulating Rod Holder
Articulating Rod Holder


    We know how important your kayak rod holders are when you’re fishing all day and rely on the multiple lines for your catch.  We assure you that even if one of the articulating rod holders should break, crack or snap that our replacement articulating rod holder is just as easy to replace as it was to set up.

    Crafted from sturdy nylon, our replacement articulating rod holders are compatible with both our paddle and our pedal kayaks.

    Our rod holders (2) have a two level locking system. The first level consists of a piece of plastic sticking out inside of the rod holder mount while there is a cut-out groove at the bottom of the actual rod holder which this part slides through. This allows for the rod holder to not pop out so long as it's not mounted facing 45 degrees to the right.

    As soon as you get the rod holder slid down past the groove, you can now dictate in which direction you would like to have it actually facing. Once you're set on a direction, push the rod holder all the way down to integrate the second locking system level, which consists of teeth on the bottom of the rod holder pushing into similar teeth found inside of the rod holder mount.

    Our BKC parts have a one year limited warranty while our BKC kayaks hold a five year warranty. 

    Specs: 25cm x 5.5cm x 17cm / 9.8in x 2.1in  x 6.6in


    BKC Articulating Rod Holder Installation

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