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BKC HDF6 Boat Cruising Outboard Motor

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BKC HDF6 Boat Cruising Outboard Motor - Brooklyn Kayak Company


    • 6 Horsepower
    •  Easy Riding – Responsive, easy to operate, and reliable, this outboard boat motor is a perfect choice for the novice waterman and the experienced sea salt alike
    •  Quick Start – A digital CDI ignition system makes for easy start-up and quick and responsive throttle control
    •  Light and Convenient – At just 60 lbs this outboard motor won’t weigh your boat down, and with a large ergonomic carry grip, it’s easy to handle it out of the water, too
    •  Quiet Cruising – At lower speeds, this outboard motor is quiet enough to not scare the fish; at a steady cruise, it’s not going to drown out the fishermen’s conversation
    •  Range to Spare – Motor features a built-in 1.2-liter fuel tank and can easily be connected to a 12-liter tank, giving you range to roll as far as you want
    •  The BKC HD6F6 Boat Cruising Outboard Motor can be used on the BKC MK13 Skiff Boat

    Sure, paddling is great and all, but have you tried sitting back in comfort while a six-horsepower, the four-stroke outboard motor sends you cruising along over the water without you so much as breaking a sweat? Or while that same engine runs low and slow as you troll for fish, lines in the water, and almost zero vibrations disturbing your prospective catch?

    With a BKC HD6F6 Boat Cruising Outboard Motor set up on your boat, the hard work is done for you, so the good times can roll. And don’t worry, the setup is easy too. This 60-pound outboard motor uses an internal and/or external fuel tank, it easily connects to the hull of various boats (like the Brooklyn Kayak BKC MK13 13-Foot Solo Fishing Skiff Boat), and thanks to a side-mounted shift lever, it’s easy to operate as you cruise.

    And thanks to a thermostatically controlled internal cooling system, this outboard boat motor maintains its own safe operating temperatures whether you’re cruising slow and steady as you fish or as you open up the throttle for the trip back home.


    • Engine Type: 4 stroke 1 cyl. 
    • Displacement: 139c
    • Bore x Stroke (mm): 62x46 
    • Full Throttle RPM Range: 4500-5500 
    • Weight (lbs.): 62 
    • Fuel Capacity (ltr.): 1.2 
    • Gear Shift: F-N-R 
    • Starting System: Manual 
    • Cooling System: Water-Cooling 
    • Fuel: Gas

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