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Kayak Fishing - Its Benefits & Advantages

Kayak fishing is a rapidly growing pastime. Why? Because there are so many benefits and advantages for your fishing. . . and for your health.

Benefits & Advantages of Kayak Fishing. . . for Fishing


Kayak fishing has become increasingly popular for both shore and boat fisherman because it is much more economically feasible when you want to get on the water. Boat owners have extensive costs in initial purchase, maintenance, insurance, fuel, repairs, and more. This cost impact often keeps fishers on the banks or docks.

Kayaks can change all that. Although there is a cost involved in purchasing your yak, it is much less than a boat. In addition, there are fewer costs associated with its upkeep, repairs, and storage.


Kayaks make almost everywhere there is water into a possible fishing destination. If you can float on it, you can fish on it. And you can also launch your kayak from almost anywhere. You don’t need to find a slip, dock, or launch. As long as you can get your kayak to it, you can launch. (Of course, you need to check applicable laws and make sure you aren’t trespassing, but a kayak opens up so many new fishing holes.)

Kayaks are also more accessible for younger anglers. If you are looking to get your family involved in your fishing passion, then kayak can be paddled by the under driver’s license age set as well.

The fish are also more accessible! Since you are lower to the water, you get a new perspective on the fish and many anglers report catching more quantity and variety of fish - because they can reach spots previously unreachable and “see” things differently from a water view.


Kayak fishing is also stealthier than boat fishing. Even if you have a trolling motor on your kayak, you can have a near silent approach to any number of fishing grounds. You are “skinnier” than your boated brethren as your kayak needs just a few inches of depth and are much thinner than other vessels.

With your accessible and stealthy craft, you are sure to find some golden spots that few, if any, others are fishing.

Benefits & Advantages of Kayak Fishing. . . for You


Kayaking and kayak fishing in particular is a great activity to keep your brain sharp. Challenging yourself with mentally stimulating activities can help to fight against the general decline in cognition that develops as we age. Fishing often provides a myriad of opportunities to try innovative and creative solutions.

Kayak fishing allows you to stay in a continual learning mindset as you encounter and overcome obstacles. This uses all your senses and builds confidence.


Nature heals - literally. In 1984, Dr. Robert Ulrich found that hospital patients who looked over a natural setting (rather than the brick wall of another building) recovered faster. They needed less medication and had few post-op complications.

Studies show time and again the benefits of spending time outdoors. Spending time in green space even in an urban setting can naturally lower blood pressure and provide a sense of calm. Getting away from noise and commotion and the frantic pace of modern life can do a lot to relax and rejuvenate the soul. 

Kayak fishing can benefit our emotional health by providing space to “get away from it all” and disconnect. Or it can provide opportunities to build healthy relationships. Whether it is developing new friends in the generous kayaking and fishing communities or strengthening ties with family and friends you already have, kayaking is a great way to bond.


There are so many physical benefits surrounding kayak fishing.  Did you know that spending just 30 minutes outdoors on your kayak can lower your blood pressure, increase your vitamin D exposure, and give you a low-impact calorie burn. (And if you eat the fish that you catch, you can also benefit from a low-fat, low cholesterol protein.)

Additional advantages include building muscle as you paddle and cast, increasing your core stability by balancing while floating and casting, and cardiovascular advantages of paddling. If you learn to stand on your kayak, you are also increasing those ab/core stabilizing muscles even more.

Of course, if you are kayaking you are likely to spend way more than 30 minutes on the water so make sure that the benefits outweigh the negatives and wear sun protection and stretch your muscles.


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