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What is a Skiff Boat and Why is it Great for Fishing?

Posted by Brooklyn Kayak Company on

BKC MK13 Solo Skiff Boat

Getting out in nature on the water is not just a summer sport. As we enter fall, you can still take advantage of the pre-winter days with different boating sports. Connecting with the environment and getting a full body workout from paddling is a great way to decompress and stay active.

As kayaking and paddleboarding have become popular means of accessing a variety of bodies of water, we also want to highlight skiff boats as a fun option in this same category. Broadly, skiff boats are flat-hulled vessels with a squared stern and angled bow. Several different kinds of boats can fit in this category, but overall skiffs are another way to simplify getting out on the water, especially if you’re into fishing.

Skiff Boat Specs

The term “skiff” has been around for a long time. It generally refers to small, flat-bottomed coastal and river boats that don’t take many people to operate. It’s grown into its own category of vessels that people seek out for a solo or small-party boating experience. For those who enjoy kayaking or paddle boarding, a solo skiff boat combines the best of both of those vessels and can be customized to meet your boating needs.

A skiff is typically flat-bottomed and wider like a paddle board, making it easier to stand up in and balance on in different positions. It has all the storage you need, contains a seat, and can be paddle-powered or motor-powered like a kayak. Solo skiffs are sized for single person trips, they also come in slightly larger sizes if you wanted to bring a friend.

Skiff boats are pretty low maintenance as far as boats go--you don’t have to worry about winterizing anything or getting fancy equipment to tow it to and from the water. They’re easy to handle as well, so as long as you have a covered area to keep it in when it’s not in use and a car with a light-duty towing capacity, you’re all set!

Fishing in a Solo Skiff Boat

Fishing in smaller, more accessible vessels has become quite popular. People enjoy having enough space for their rigs and equipment without the added bulk that traditional fishing boats have. Skiff boats, particularly solo skiffs, are perfect for angling in this regard.

If you’re into inshore fishing in a variety of areas, a skiff boat might be for you. Since they’re flat-bottomed, it widens the number of places they can get to--therein maximizing the places you can fish from! Skiff boat decks are wide and typically non-slip, so however you’re comfortable casting off or steering, you won’t be limited. They also can accommodate add-ons like rod holders, trolling motors, anchors, coolers, and more to ensure you’re able to be out fishing as long as you need.

Whether your skiff is motor or paddle powered, you’ll be able to easily steer and navigate to the best fishing holes in this vessel. Skiff boats are accessible to newcomers as well as experienced boaters or anglers, so don’t hesitate to get into one today and hit the water!

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